refer to temperature/humidity range Internal Dimensions (WxHxD) mm Product Data Sheet manual
ThermoSystem ﹣80~﹢250℃ φ150 View after login
refer to describe
refer to describe

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From -55 ° to +125 ° c
From +125 ° to -55 ° c
Continuous use throughout the day
Temperature program setting
Automated sample test fixture
ensures accurate and easy testing of any type of parts
The touch screen
can store up to 45 groups of temperature programs< Br> special control panel design, easy to operate< Br> the temperature, residence time and air flow of the set point can be adjusted through the keyboard
4-axis motion
the electric manipulator has (can move in the x-axis and Y-axis directions), can rotate and tilt, and can meet the needs of any test environment or sample

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