High temperature test chamber

It is applicable to the drying, baking, sterilization, heat preservation and heat treatment tests of non-volatile products

Clean / dust-free high temperature test chamber

Widely used in heat treatment / drying or combustion of semiconductor wafer, liquid crystal, disc and other components and equipment requiring clean air conditions

Explosion proof / safety high temperature test chamber

Equipped with explosion-proof measures (safety door interlock, pressure relief and exhaust device, new air exchange system, N2 or CO2 inert gas fire extinguishers, etc.) on the basis of various functions of oven series

Anaerobic / non oxidizing high temperature test chamber

By filling inert gases such as CO2 and N2 into the tank, the temperature characteristic test and heat treatment can be carried out under low oxygen condition

Natural convection high temperature test chamber

The air free circulation takes away the heat, overestimates the heat dissipation efficiency of the test object, and generates natural convection in the temperature environment without a fan through the test chamber and software

Vacuum high temperature test chamber

A comprehensive environmental test of temperature and pressure resistance is applied to the test object to evaluate the performance and quality of the test object

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